A trip
called Puglia

I’ll tell you a sandwich, that of Ceglie

It was the 50’s when in the heart of Puglia, the butcher Vincenzo Zucari wanted to spoil his customers, proposing a recipe, still today, considered risky. He thought to combine four ingredients from different traditions and origins. Tuna, capers, mortadella and provolone, enclosed between two slices of bread, so as to preserve them during the hours that separated the work from the deserved lunch break.
Thus was born, thanks to genius and randomness, the sandwich of Ceglie Messapica.
In a few decades this conquered everyone, even the most sceptical. It became city glory and soon passed the urban boundaries.

Today, people around here don’t leave without trying the famous sandwich.
They stop at Giuseppina, right in front of the bell tower in Piazza Plebiscito, or at Maria, who has a grocery store right in the centre.
Ah, I almost forgot: the sandwich of Ceglie finds ideal company in a cold beer, 100% made in Puglia, or better… 100% made in Taranto.

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