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Exploring the white city, Ostuni

With a historic center that looks like a postcard, full of alleys and white streets intertwining, sometimes colorful flower pots and other small details such as the art of storing hanging tomatoes, Ostuni offers a wonderful scenery.
This little pearl in the province of Brindisi, suspended on three hills and clearly visible from afar, is the undisputed queen of white. Its houses are completely painted with lime and will give you the feeling of being back in time. In fact, books tell that the lime was used for the first time in the middle ages to give light to the narrow and dark alleys of the city and then in the ‘600 to drive away the epidemic of plague. This practice continued during the nineteenth century, when the municipality issued an ordinance obliging all inhabitants to paint their houses white for hygienic reasons. Until today, the use of lime, from social need became distinctive note of Ostuni.

Not to mention the ideal background for our photos. Now we just have to take a walk together.

Here it is, the Obelisque of Sant’Oronzo, in Freedom Square, in baroque style and dedicated to the patron saint of my city. We could stop for breakfast in the square and then take the road that goes up to the cathedral (I recommend comfortable shoes).
Good are the shops of typical products and beautiful those of artifacts so that you can ignore them. Here, amidst the intense scents of homemade bread and extra virgin olive oil, I’m sure “you’ll be caught up in souvenir fever”. Among my favorite souvenirs that I recommend to buy in Ostuni are the whistles: original and colorful lucky charms to give away or keep as a sign of good luck. They are one of the greatest expressions of the Apulian tradition and they remind me so much of my childhood and the times of school trips.

Crossing this small arch, we will arrive straight to the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. This is a little bit reminiscent of the Gothic styleand turning your back to the main portal, you will see the arch that connects the Bishop’s Palace to the Seminary of Ostuni.

But among all these scents and streets you didn’t get hungry? (ahahahah). I take you to my favorite place… her near… the Osteria del Tempo Perso.

And with this delicious lunch the way back is waiting for us!

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